Cisco Systems Server

Server Specs


  • Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server
  • Intel 12 Core CPUs
  • 6x 250GB Samsung SSDS in RAID level 6
  • 128 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
  • 2x1TB 10k rpm HDD backup in RAID 1
  • LSI 9266-8i RAID controller
  • VMWare ESXi virtual host
  • Cloudlinux 7.4 Operating System
  • Professionally Colocated at Incero in Dallas, TX
  • 24/7 'Remote Hands' for server repairs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99% Uptime

Software Specs


  • Cpanel WHM
  • Easy Apache 4
  • PHP Versions 5.6 - 7.2 via MultiPHP
  • MySQL 5.6.41
  • Shell Access
  • Dedicated IPs available
  • Installatron Easy Installer
  • Softaculous Easy Installer
  • Solr - Full Text Email Searching
  • ClamAV Virus Protection for Email and Filemanager Uploads
  • Munin Server Monitor
  • CPanel AutoSSL through Comodo
  • And more!



"In particle physics, a kaon is any group of four mesons characterized by a quantum number called "strangeness."

I am a graduate student in Texas getting my Ph.D. in Chemistry. My research focus is on mass spectrometry method developments and instrumentation. This requires me to be up-to-date on the latest computational and statistical software. I and 2 years into a 4 year program with two peer-reviewed publications on ant-venom protein localization and MALDI-MS analysis of metal binding with alpha-synuclein protein.

I work full-time at the university as the IT department manager and programmer for the Chemistry Department. I built the main website, manage scheduling software, perform sensitive data back-ups, encrypt data, rescue data, clone harddrives and babysit cranky, old computers that struggle to do the jobs scientists ask of them. Through this, I learn quite a bit and share that knowledge between my hosting here and my hosting at the unviersity.

My favorite tv show ever is The Office. I will quote it. This is your public service announcement.


About Hosting

. Do you provide domain names?

No, in order for you to feel in control of your website at all times, you purchase and manage your own domain name. I highly recommend NameCheap for their prices and their WhoIS protection! If you don't want to buy a domain name yet, I provide free "yourname.kaonshosting.com".

. How long does it take to get started?

I check my email and discord from 9 am to 12 am CST, and I can get your cpanel, software and domain set up in an hour! If you are transferring from another host, you will need to allow up to 48 hours for DNS to propagate to my server.

. Will you install MyBB/Wordpress/Chevereto for me?

Yes! If you tell me what you want when we discuss your options, I will automatically install the lastest version of the software along with common and popular plugins. (MyBB - account switcher, prostats, threadlog, etc.). Additional installs, theme installs, etc are done free if you need help.

. Will you upgrade for me?

Yes! I will upgrade your PHP version and MyBB version for free. However, if you have custom code, you will need to be sure that the code author is able to write fixes. I can and will fix what I can, but custom plugins will have to be adjusted by the author.

. I can get hosting from "x", why should I go with you?

It's true there are hosting options out there for less than what I charge, but it's pretty crappy service. When you price match, be sure to look at how they are limiting you. For example, MyBB forums use nearly 100 GB of bandwidth per month! Common, cheap hosting limits bandwidth, diskspace, databases and does NOT offer free SSL certificates. In addition, you are paying for my help, a great community, my kickass server, and you are helping a poor grad student.

. Will you help me move from my current host?

Gladly! I am well versed in transferring cpanels and migrating websites. It'll be painless!

. Do you backup in case of emergencies?

Yes, I automatically backup the server ever-other-day to amazon S3. It's part of what you pay for!

. How can I pay you?

Currently, I only take paypal and I invoice every 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.



VPS Hosting
Fully managed wordpress, mybb, chevereto and other software hosting. Don't worry about databases, coding, upgrading, php versions or that nonsense - leave it to me!
Availability : OPENTime-to-Live: 2 hours
Private VPS
Want more control? Get a dedicated IP address, your own virtual machine with any operating system and control your life.
Availability: LIMITEDTime-to-Live: 1 day
Hotsing Reseller
Ever wanted to do what I do but don't want to pay upwards of 200/mo in server rental, cpanel fees, softaculous fees, s3 fees, and the host of other problems that comes with owning a server? Consider being a reseller!
Availability: CLOSEDTime-to-Live: 1 day
Coding and Themes
I can theme in wordpress, mybb, html5 and css3. Everything I make is fully responsive and can be programmed to be "code free" in terms of editing. Visit Kaons Designs for more information!
Availability: CLOSEDTime-to-Live: 1-2 weeks



“I cannot praise Kaons Hosting enough. The service is remarkable; she really knows her stuff and she genuinely cares. After signing up a new site of mine, I was quick to transfer my personal site from it’s host of 3 years. I know my sites are in the best hands, and it’s one less thing I have to worry about.”
(Three-RPG - in progress)

“Elise was super helpful and reliable in every which way, giving a heads up what is going on if the server is being upgraded or down and goodies for sites in her Discord server. She's super knowledgeable at what she does and super kind and patient. So even if you're a beginner, don't hesitate!”

“I highly recommend Kaons Hosting! Not only was the set up quick and easy, there's great support and frequent updates, and a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. A truly wonderful host!”
(Starwave - in progress)



Getting Started

The first step is to purchase your domain name! You don't have to contact me before doing this, but I am happy to help if you need assistane. I recommend NameCheap for domain registration because it's cheaper than other options, WhoIS protection is free (this keeps you from getting spam phone calls), and it's easy to use and navigate! If you don't want to purchase a domain name, you can have an yourname.kaonshosting.com URL for free.

Once you know your domain name, it's time to contact me! I'll need to know 1. your exact domain name, 2. your paypal email address and 3. If you want to pay in 1 month, 6 month or 1 year increments. We will discuss what type of site you need: wordpress, mybb, flarum, chevereto, etc. and what price is best for you.

All invoicing for hosting occurs automatically and is recurring! You will recieve an email when it's time to pay (check your spam!) and this will automatically resend when payment is due again.

The next step is to select your features! If you want wordpress installed, do you need any plugins? I offer "elementor" for free! If I am installing MyBB, I need to know what plugins you will need installed. Cloudflare manager is installed automatically as it handles caching, DDoS protection and HTTPS automatic rewrites.

This is also when we will discuss any type of transferring, data migration, and other complex tasks. At the end of this stage, I'll ask you to plugin custom nameservers to your domain name. They will either be through cloudflare or they will be customized to kaonshosting. If you want custom nameservers, I can help you set that up!

When everything is set up and the DNS is successfully routed to my server (can take up to 48 hours), I will take a few hours to install and set up all of your features. At the end of the setup, I will message, e-mail or discord you the logins to the cpanel, SFTP/WebDAV, MySQL database logins and passwords, master account logins and passwords, and any other feature you might need. Once I pass off the logins, payment is expected and the site is yours!

I am always around and available to offer support for hosts. I will upgrade MyBB, PHP versions, and plugins for free at your request. However, sometimes I may force an upgrade for the overall health of the server and for your safety and security! I will make sure to put everything back in working order when I am done :)




$2.00 /mo SPECIAL- static site, no databases! Great for artistic portfolios or resumes

Advanced Hosting

Only $4.00 / month

  • Your own Cpanel
  • 3 MySQL Databases/30 GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Amazon S3 backup and restore
  • Free software installation
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Subdomain Cpanel for +$4.00/mo (Image server)

Wordpress Hosting

Only $8.00 / month

  • Fully managed wordpress hosting
  • 10 MySQL Databases/100 GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Amazon S3 backup and restore
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 8 GB RAM+

Reseller Hosting

Only $20.00 / month

  • 20 Cpanels
  • Unlimited Storage (200GB SSD)
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Amazon S3 backup and restore
  • Free SSL Certificate


Get in Touch

I look forward to hosting you
Please send an e-mail or join my discord server!

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